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Our Assisted Living Care Home was established in the 1960’s by Florence Fleming,  a Licensed Practical Nurse.  The name of the home was Fleming Home. Florence  was an exceptional cook, fastidious housekeeper and tender caregiver with an eye for detail. 


Her son, Robert,  and daughter-in-law,  Jacqueline,  were the second generation owners. Their continuous effort allowed the business to expand and include  the new Arbor Heights facility.  


Laurie is the granddaughter of Florence.  Much of her childhood included helping her grandmother and parents at the family business.  Like her grandmother Florence, Laurie realized a passion for caregiving.  After graduation from the University of Washinton, Laurie decided to carry on the family tradition and became the third generation administrator. 


Today she  works together with her husband, Takao Yamashita. They are the current owners and named the business Florence of Seattle.  Our staff members strive daily to meet Florence’s high standards of excellence within our 2 small facilities located in the West Seattle Area.


Florence Fleming

Laurie Yamashita

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